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Sue on 24/04/2014
1 reviews
This is a great product, My energy level was on a high after two deep breaths, and the banana fragrance had the real banana smell.
Stan on 24/04/2014
1 reviews
I ordered Breathe Fresh Air with cinnamon, my order was shipped promptly and the product was excellent, I received about 38 pumps from a can, the cinnamon fragrance was incredible and I definitely feel energized after each pump. I will keep on using this product.


Brian on 24/04/2014
1 reviews
A blast of Breathe Fresh Air with Grape Fruit in the morning, gives me enough go for the whole day


Rick on 25/04/2014
1 reviews
I really like this product!!!


Toni on 25/04/2014
1 reviews
Ordered Breathe Fresh Air with orange, after breathing in a few times I felt completely invigorated and the orange blossom fragrance is so refreshing, I will order more product from Websnug.com


Simon on 25/04/2014
1 reviews
Ordered Breathe Fresh air with Musk, after using I definately received more energy and the musk fragrance is addictive


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